Fear is not final!

Thought I would create this video to inspire us to move forward without being crippled by the fear of tomorrow, you can play this in the car, while your walking or running, or even if you are sitting down in a quiet space. Always fill yourself with the right words and sounds to live the life that is healthy spiritually, mentally and physically aim to develop in these 3 areas to live a well-balanced life.

‘Don’t let your fear of the future determine your decisions in the present, take life chapter by chapter so when you close the book it can be passed on to the next generation’ ~ Joseph Valentine

Who do I have to be? Who am I suppose to be? Who am I?

Who do I have to be?

I have to be a working man clocking in and out living from paycheck to paycheck
I have to be that man that wakes up early in the morning to trade my time for money
I have to be that man that puts destiny and purpose aside for bread and money.
I am so conflicted within my soul with who I have to be and who I am supposed to be!
I fight with my inner me screaming to stop being who I have to be and rest in who I am

But… For some reason I can’t, I just can’t stop who I have to be there is too much at stake and my love for her is greater than this fight in me
I love my family so much every day that is why I have to be who I have to be.

Who am I suppose to be?

I am a man who is supposed to be full of colour, ideas and concepts
that transforms the world and betters the lives of those people who are in the world
I am supposed to be buying homes for the homeless, being a light to the needy and healing those are sick
I am supposed to be this great fashion designer who has an impact in the realm of politics
I am supposed to be writing books and encouraging millions of souls to come to the one Christ who has loved them first.
I am supposed to be spending time with my family and my kids everyday day.
I am supposed to be a father who raises his children in the truth and not leaving them in the hands of this fallen system which teaches good and evil

I want to spend every single moment with my wife Jasmine Valentine whom I love, making her feel special and cherished
This is who I am supposed to be, this is who I want to become, this is the me who is fighting the person who I have to be

Who I am

I am a man who wants to do good everywhere he goes
I am a man who loves my wife and our kids who will do anything for them to live the life they deserve which is a life of laughter, peace and joy.
I am a man who wants to see the blind see, the deaf hear and the lame walk.
I am a man who wants to see Christ in all his beauty and splendour every day.
I am the man who has decided I will become who I am supposed to be thus breaking out of who I have to be

Why? Because this is not only about me but my family also being who they are supposed to be


I Will Never Forget This Day


Beautiful memories….

My Precious baby

I love you so much

You are my best friend, my number 1 person and my one and only faithful and beautiful wife

Your faithfulness makes me want to be the best version of myself for you every day and through all, we have been through our love for Christ and each other has bought us through

There are no words that can fully encapsulate your value and there is no currency or anything that can compare to how much I care about you.

You are a strong, courageous, business-minded and compassionate

Babe, I love you to bits I love you